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Basher's Edition
V3.1 Summit Aluminum Chassis    $159.99

This chassis not only looks sharp, but addresses many of the common concerns for the Summit's stock chassis. You can now strap on huge LiPo cells. Batteries are open to the air for full ventilation. Very rigid.


  • Includes mini-servo mounts for shifting tranny and locking diffs (not shown).
  • For even more added strength with minimal weight increase, chassis kit now includes 2x 1/4" aluminum braces that run the length of the chassis. Braces are pinched between vertical chassis braces and top plate (see image).
  • Now with receiver box mounting tabs, improved tolerances and clearance plus stiffer chassis braces.
  • Chassis plates made from 100% heat treated aluminum anodized natural aluminum, blue, red and matte black color. Click HERE for colors.
  • Sophisticated "uni-body" design that gains rigidity from top and bottom plates. Only 2 oz heavier than the stock plastic E-Revo chassis and worlds stiffer.
  • Low Center of Gravity (LCG) to handle potent power plants.
  • Uses stock center drive shafts or optional center dogbones.
  • New easy-access, open-air battery trays. Batteries synch with 1" Velcro straps. Includes stops for using LiPo.
  • Includes all necessary installation hardware
  • Summit Chassis - $159.99
    Center Dogbones - $34.99
    Choice of Color


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