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Brushed Motors
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Motor Prep
Add this option to your motor purchase and we'll professionally solder wires, capacitors or plugs to your motor. Only needed for AM and FM radios.
AM/FM Radio Motor Prep -
Caps Included - $8

1/10 Scale 540 Brushed Motor
High RPM brushed motor for those that are plenty satisfied with a brushed motor's power. Or our 15T motor has a touch more power than most standard brushed motor. Leads soldered in place already with standard bullet connectors and capcitors.
Choice of Motor
Revolver 650S Motor
More powerful than 550 motors. 10mm longer than a 550 motor. Best run on 12V+.
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Revolver 700-HO Motor
More powerful than any 700 motor out there! All the power of the 970 motor without the heft. 9-turn, 5 pole armature. Runs cool up to 4S LiPo or 14 NiMH cells thanks to large venting, internal fan and low internal resistance.
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DeWalt 820 Motor Brush
Pop out old, used brush modules and pop a set of these in place to freshen up your motor. Single brush.
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Dual Input DeWalt 820 Motor Wiring Harnesses
The same harnesses that we send out with single Dewalt motors. Pair.
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DeWalt 820 Motor Wiring Harnesses
The same harnesses that we send out with Dewalt motors. Pair.
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DeWalt 820 14.4VDC Motor
Yes, ours are a little more expensive. But these motors are as ready as they can be for RC uses. Includes specially made wiring harnesses that attach by terminal connectors. Mounting screws included. And that standard pesky press-fit gear has been cut off and a flat sot ground onto the shaft for mounting RC pinions.
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Choice of Harness
.1 mF Capacitor
The same capacitor that is included with our brushed motors. Used to dampen radio interference.

Speed Controllers

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Solder Prep Your ESC
Purchase the plugs to match to your batteries HERE and this service and we'll solder the plugs to the ESC so all is ready to go upon arrival.
Remember, the ESC usually has male plugs to connect to the battery. Monster trucks and 1/8th scale buggies usually use two plugs on the ESC. 1/10th scale usually uses one plug.

Kershaw Designs Speed Controller Fan
Makes drastic difference in ESC heatsink temperatures when running powerful motors. Runs off receiver power. Works with EVX, EVX-2, Novak Super Duty and HPI GT speed controllers.


Hobbywing QuicRun 1060 Brushed 1/10 ESC
Amazing yet inexpensive ESC for brushed 1/10 scale motors
Amps: 60A/360A
Motor: 540 or 550: =12T
5-9 NiMH/2-3S Lipo
OEM Traxxas EVX-2 Speed Controller
Waterproof. Slightly better current handling capacity than original orange EVX. Comes with new Traxxas high current connectors installed. New as pulled from Traxxas vehicle.

Size 2"x2.27"x1.05"
Resist .004 Ohms
Current 180 amp
Cells 14 cells

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