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V2 Single DeWalt 820 Conversion Kit

Updated version of our kit that is easier and quicker to install and less expensive. Now the kit includes an adapter plate that bolts to the motor, then bolt the adapter plate to the stock motor mount. Quick, easy and effective.


  • Now includes dual wiring harnesses pre-soldered for no extra charge! Good for use with 2.4GHz radios.

  • Waterproof.
  • Adapter plate made of thick natural high-grade 6061 aluminum.
  • Uses stock Traxxas EVX-2 speed controller.
  • All hardware included - No permanent modifications necessary.
  • Kit includes DeWalt 820 motor, T-6 6061 aluminum motor adapter plate, capacitors, hardware, full color instruction manual and choice of pinion.
  • Optional upgrade to dual motor mount in case you want to upgrade to dual motors later.
  • Motors available with optional Motor Prep that has your motors arrive with wires, capacitors and plugs already soldered in place - for use with AM and FM radios.

    Optional Motor Care Equipment

    Dynamite Magnum Force 2 Motor Spray

    Clean convenient way to clean gunk out of any brushed motor

    Light Oil Bushing/ Bearing Lube

    A must after breaking in or cleaning out motors

    1x Outerwears Motor Filter

    Extend the durability of your motors even more

    1x Integy 700/820 Motor Heat Sink Fan/ Splicing Harness

    Motors already run cool. Put these on to be cooler

    1x Integy 700/820 Twin Motor Heat Sink Fan/ Splicing Harness

    Motors already run cool. Put these on to be cooler

    Choice of Color

    Choice of Color

    Choice of Color

    V2 Single DeWalt 820 Motor Kit - $59.99
    Motor Prep
    Upgrade to Dual Motor Mount - $19.99
    Only for purchase with single motor kit

    Choice of Pinion

    AM/FM Radio Motor Prep -
    Caps Included - $8

    Upgrade Motor Mount


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